Artist Management Agreement Contract

„Will we be together forever?“ Probably not. Short-term contracts are highly recommended; Think of it as a trial period — if you like the way it administers you, you can extend the contract for a new mandate until you stop loving it. Souring`s artist-manager relationships are not uncommon in the music industry. As a result, short-term contracts have disappeared. A manager is not paid if the artist is not paid. Talent managers work for the account. That`s why they need to make sure they negotiate the best possible talent for their artist. As a general rule, most managers receive a commission of 10 to 25% of the artist`s gross or net income. The percentage of commissions is negotiated before the management contract is signed. In general, experienced and experienced talent managers set a higher commission rate than talent managers overnight.

Good morning, Antonio. The first thing that gave me a break was to become „recently hit“ and „managing partner“ in the same sentence. I would be very careful to sign with a managing partner you just met. I don`t know anything about record companies that manage partner contracts, but I do know how quickly partnerships can move south (negative). So, if you`re sure you want to enter into this contract, you should enter into a good exit clause. If you don`t have a correct written agreement and don`t know what to enter into the agreement, hire an entertainment lawyer to design a professional contract for you. I hope it helps. „Are we on the same side?“ In the written document containing the artist`s management agreement, the roles each party plays in the artist-manager relationship should be clearly stated. These include the specific obligations of the director and the contributions of the parties.

Future conflicts will be avoided in the future by sketching the artist-manager relationship in the contract and presenting upstream expectations. Please send me a template by email, such as an artist director contract You can also insert a statement in which the artist confirms that he has the power to enter into such an agreement and the rights that each party has if the other party violates or violates the contract. We offer artist management contracts that you can download and modify. Now get your management contract for recording artists and live performance artists. An artist management contract can be either short-term or long-term. Long-term contracts should only be concluded if the two parties have established a close relationship. Management contracts are based on trust. The duration of the management contract should be proportionate to the level of trust you have in your future manager.

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