Car Change Of Ownership Agreement Nigeria

After the ownership of the vehicle has been changed by the vehicle registration service, the previous owner informs the vehicle registration service. He or she would also hand over the registration book for the recording of the details of the modified property, according to which the registration book is given to the new owner. If, by chance, the vehicle has been imported into the country without import duties, notification of the modification of the ownership of the vehicle is accompanied by a certificate of import duties or a certificate of exemption issued by the Nigerian customs service. A model model that can help a person understand the transfer authorization letter for the vehicle is shown below: to begin the process of changing ownership of the vehicle, the buyer, or rather the new owner, must present the following documents to a vehicle registration officer at the vehicle registration service from which the vehicle was first registered. The reason, of course, is the requirement of ownership in the event of theft or conflict. Once you buy a used Nigerian car, the new owner must change the ownership of the car with the inspector of the vehicle offices in Nigeria. If not, it is in fact a misdemeanor and a fine of N5,000. The provisions stipulate that the notice of change must be sent to the vehicle registration service no later than 30 days after the date of the actual change of ownership by the registration agency. Also note that a vehicle owner must have been registered for less than six months in order for it to be successfully modified. Look at our contribution to vehicle registration in Nigeria – what documents are needed? to get the car registered in no time.

When a buyer buys a used Nigerian car from an original owner, ownership of the car must be converted to its own name. This is a form that the seller or we should say, former owners of the vehicle, for which you plan to change the owner, must inform the vehicle registration service about the change of owner. Sometimes it would be necessary to write the letter of authorization to transfer ownership of the vehicle due to unforeseen circumstances, and in such a situation it may be a good idea to use a template to write a letter of authorization for vehicle ownership. It is advisable to follow a specific sample that would lead a person to systematically include relevant content. I hope the directive on how to change car ownership in Nigeria, the Naijauto team collected is useful for you. If you have any questions, please contact us by email! The rules and rules for changing vehicle ownership can be found in the Federal Road Safety Act (CAP 141 LFN) National Road Traffic Regulations, 2004 of Nigeria`s laws.

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