Funds Transfer Agreement Requirements

In the event that, at any time, we have a problem with your use of the Service, including, but not only a failure of the money transfer service, to debit accounts or to collect your remittances as described above, and without limitation of any other right or recourse that we may have under this Agreement or in any other way, we reserve the right to suspend immediately and without notice your right to use the Service. You understand and accept that such measures are acceptable to us in order to protect us from losses. In the event of a suspension, you can request the reinstatement of your service by contacting us with one of the methods provided by this Agreement (see „Notification of Errors and Claims“ below). We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to grant or refuse to use the Service. In the event that we accept the reintroduction of your part, we reserve the right to return to your service at first with lower annual and monthly limits and/or other restrictions than those that might normally be available to you. Depending on your subsequent use of the Service, the Central One Federal Credit Union may, at its discretion, restore your ability to make transfers with higher limits that may then be effective (see „Dollar Transfer Amount“ above). The service processes transfer requests on business days. Our working days are Monday to Friday. Holidays and holidays are not included. You understand and accept that we are not responsible for losses or damage if circumstances beyond our control (such as fire or flood) prevent us from transferring money, or if the Central One Federal Credit Union site is not functioning properly and you were aware of the outage when you started the transfer. We don`t limit the number of money transfers you can make; However, they cannot transfer funds that go beyond the number of transfers authorized by the rules and rules governing the accounts concerned. We may change from time to time, for security and risk management reasons, the limit, frequency and dollar transfers that you can make via our service.

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