Heroku Agreement

Prices. You`ll find prices for Heroku and Heroku Elements services at heroku.com/pricing (or a URL that SFDC can provide from time to time). 1.2 Terms between you and the supplier. You recognize for each Heroku item that you subscribe, purchase, install or use, (a) these terms constitute a separate binding agreement only between you and the supplier of such Heroku items, and (b) SFDC is not a party to these conditions, unless SFDC is the supplier of these elements Heroku and SFDC has not specified that other conditions apply. Your use of Heroku items requires your consent to these conditions and your subscription, purchase, installation or use of Heroku Elements represents your consent to these conditions. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions or are not allowed to accept these Terms and Conditions, you are not allowed to subscribe, purchase, install or use Heroku items. The provider is solely responsible for the Supplier`s Heroku elements, including, but is not limited to user support for these Heroku items, the privacy and security of the data processed by the Supplier`s heroku Elements, and all claims you or any other party have regarding the content of the provider`s Heroku items or items (as defined below), or their use. If you agree to these conditions on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you declare that you are entitled to join that entity and its companies related to these conditions. You must not accept these terms and conditions, or access heroku Elements Marketplace or use the Heroku command interface unless you have that permission. 4.3 Fees set in a purchase order are based on monthly periods beginning on the start date of the subscription and each monthly anniversary.

Order forms are automatically renewed unless one of the parties announces the non-renewal at least 30 days before the next renewal date. Order forms are considered to be included in this context by reference and the terms of an order form are replaced by all the conflicting conditions of these conditions with respect to the heroku services they purchased in that subpage, including, but not limited, to all price or functionality conditions. To find out about buying a package from Heroku Services, please contact: biz@heroku.com. one. The breach of this directive by a customer is considered a substantial violation of the main subscription contract and/or another agreement governing the customer`s use of the services.

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