Price Agreement In Italiano

Design your future with us Enjoy our online advice DISCOVER Future of Heritage ColorSphere® introduction 2020 News DÉCOUVRIR MassimosIstema The sofa also welcoming in its award DISCOVER Let it Be A Poltrona House woman always has a unique and unique atmosphere: the style of its owner. DÉCOUVREZ Together A true oasis of social life that perfectly adapts to our lives and social needs. DETRING How many points to learn Italian? The integration agreement invites you to know the Italian spoken, at least until phase A2, within 2 years, with the possibility of an extension of up to 3 years. For A2 level, you need to be able to answer, for example, questions about yourself, your family, your job, the city you live in, the things you want to buy and the things you need, etc. Below is a list of points you will receive based on the amount of Italian you know: Level A1 (only in Italian): 10 points Level A1: 14 Points Level A2 (only in Italian): 20 points Level A2: 24 Points Level B1 (only in Italian): 26 Points Level B1: 28 Points Level plus B1: 30 Points What do you need to do to learn Italian? To learn Italian, you can take a course. In this link you can search for courses tailored to your needs and needs (such as level, timing, proximity to your home, cost, etc.). NOTE: NOT ALL COURSES GIVE A VALID DOCUMENT CERTIFYING THE LEVEL OF ITALIAN THAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED! What courses offer certificates? Certificate is a document that differs from a „certificate,“ showing that you know Italian up to a certain level. A certificate is issued z.B by: – CPIA, Permanent Local Centres (see list); IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET A CERTIFICATE OF KNOWLEDGE FOR ITALIAN AND BECOME A PARTICIPANT IN EDUCATIONAL AND CIVIL COURSES, THE IMMIGRATION OFFICE OF THE QUESTURA , YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO TEST SIT A ASSESS THE DIFFERENT ACQUIRED SKILLSD. – if you have not received 30 credits at the end of the two years, the agreement is renewed under the same conditions for an additional year; Once the agreement is signed, you will receive 16 points. Participation in the free citizen training course is confirmed if the agreement is successfully reviewed. If you apply for the residence permit you apply for from the prefecture or the police prefecture, you will be asked to sign the agreement. You will be able to read it in your own language and you will receive a copy to keep.

What do you say when you sign the integration contract? Signing commitments are 5:1. know the basic principles of the Constitution of the Italian Republic as well as the organization and functioning of Italian public institutions (. B for example, political elections, government, chamber of deputies, town hall, regions, etc.); 2. Italian, at least until phase A2 (see common European framework); 3. Do you know about civil life in Italy, i.e. the health system, school education, social services, work organisation, the tax system, etc. Send children who comply with the rules of compulsory schooling to school; 5. Declare the approval of the Charter of the Citizens of the European Union and the values of integration.

For each of these obligations, there are „points,“ that is, a specific number to be reached in order to obtain a residence permit. The integration agreement is a contract between the migrant residing in Italy and the Italian state.

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