Quid Pro Quo Agreement Template

In the political world, for example, quid pro quo sometimes refers to providing financial or other support to a political candidate, in exchange for waiting for direct support for a political benefactor`s activity. Quid pro quo may appear as a bribe in these cases and such support must always be considered for conflicts of interest. Although these terms are popular with lawyers and scholars, neither „hostile work environment“ nor „quid pro quo“ appear in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits employers from discriminating on the basis of race, sex, skin colour, national origin and religion. In Burlington Industries, Inc. Ellerth, the Supreme Court stated that these terms are useful in distinguishing cases where threats of harassment are „made and those in which they are not or totally absent,“ but otherwise those terms serve a limited purpose. [19] It is therefore important to remember that sexual harassment can be committed by a line manager and that an employer may potentially be held responsible, even if the conduct of that supervisor does not fall within the „Quid pro quo“ harassment allegation criteria. For languages that come from Latin, such as Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French, Quid pro quo is used to define a misunderstanding or error by replacing one thing with another. The Oxford English Dictionary describes this alternative definition in English as „rare now.“ The Vocabolario Treccani (an important dictionary published by the Encyclopedia Treccani) under the label „who pro quo“ indicates that this expression probably comes from the Latin base table used in pharmaceutical compilations of the late Middle Ages. [21] This is clearly seen in the book that appears precisely under this title, „Tractatus quid pro quo“, (Treat what replaces what) in the medical collection under the direction of Mesue cum exhibition Mondini super Canones universales…

(Venice: per Joannem – Gregorium de gregorijs fratres, 1497), folios 334r-335r. Some examples of what could be used in place of what could be used in this list are: „Pro uva passa dactili“ (instead of raisins, [Use] Vondenk.); „Pro mirto sumac“ (instead of Myrtle, [use] sumac); „Pro fenugreco semen lini“ (instead of using fenugreek, leine seeds), etc. This list was an essential resource in medieval pharmacists, especially in cases where certain essential medical substances were not available. Another example of a dubious quid-pro-quo agreement in the economy is a soft-dollar deal. In a soft dollar agreement, one company (Company A) uses the search for another company (Company B). In return, Firm B executes all Firm A trades. This exchange of services is used as payment instead of a traditional hard dollar payment. Studies have shown that transactions in soft dollar agreements are more expensive than they are alone. Melody`s quick rejection makes the professor angry, and he tells her to leave. In this example of quid pro quo sexual harassment, the professor justified his willingness to teach Melody his willingness to have sexual acts. These examples of sexual harassment quid pro quo include both offers with enhanced benefits, retention of benefits or the threat of degradation or termination of employment. Quid pro quo harassment also ends in other environments, such as academia.

When a teacher or principal justifies choices such as grades, tasks, performance standards, willingness to make a recommendation or help with school work, about the student`s willingness to accept sexual progress or to do sexual favours, this is considered a quid pro quo harassment.

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