Scaffold Use Agreement

The provision of services/equipment by TKS under all TKS conditions is not considered to be the acceptance of additional, inconsistent or divergent conditions proposed by the supplier. If a TKS offer is considered to be the acceptance of an offer, offer or prior proposal by the contractor, that acceptance is limited to the explicit terms of the TKS offer to which the agreement must end by reference. An offer from TKS and all the conditions contained in it can only be amended or amended in writing (including past trade or use of the trade), unless they are signed in writing and signed by both the supplier and TKS. The signing of an offer from TKS (or acceptance of TKS services and/or equipment and/or the start of TKS work, including mobilization) is a confirmation that the contractor has read these additional conditions on the TKS website in accordance with the TKS offer and agrees to include these additional conditions as if they were presented in a detailed offer. The 2018 version contains revised tables of advice tables in the recently updated CG11:17 guide and updates references to TG20 Good Practice Guidance for Tube and Fitting Scaffolding. The scaffolding contract was written in a simple, easy-to-understand format, and aims to remove headaches from the scaffolding construction contract. The contractor does not meet its obligations under this contract if one of the following steps: 1. The contractor does not pay TKS as agreed; 2. The contractor is insolvent or bankruptcy or bankruptcy proceedings are initiated; (3) the termination or liquidation of the contractor`s activities; or (4) The contractor violates the TKS conditions.

In the event of the contractor`s omission, TKS has the right, at its sole discretion, to cease execution of the project due to the excused performance, to terminate the project contract for violation/delay, to withdraw devices and/or to seek other legal or legal remedies.

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