Signify Your Agreement By Signing The Letter Below

By checking the box and continuing, I sign this agreement electronically. I agree with the terms of this agreement, which comes into effect from today`s date, and confirm that I am leaving software and hardware that meet the above requirements. I AGREE TO (I) OBTAIN THE NECESSARY INFORMATION ELECTRONICALLY AND (II) USE ELECTRONIC RECORDS AND SIGNATURES RELATED TO MY REQUEST FOR A REVENUE PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT AND ANY OTHER TRANSACTION WITH BETTER FUTURE FORWARD. A BETTER TRANSFER OF THE FUTURE INSTEAD OF WRITTEN DOCUMENTS AND HANDWRITTEN SIGNATURES. Once you have given your consent, you can view your documents online or by checking your emails. YOU ALSO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOUR CONSENT TO ELECTRONIC DISCLOSURE IS NECESSARY TO OBTAIN SERVICES FROM US VIA THE INTERNET. The execution of this agreement signifies your intention to enter into a binding legal agreement and that your consent to electronic business management applies to all documents that BFF provides to you or to the agreements that you will execute with BFF. By accepting and signing this Agreement electronically below, you agree and agree to verify and enforce all account agreements, disclosures, statements and documents relating to your ISA Account in electronic form. These include the use of electronic communications, electronic disclosures, electronic declarations, electronic contracts and electronic signatures (including „control boxes“). In these two final clauses, the parties say they accept the terms of the contract. This is not necessary: the signing of a contract is sufficient to indicate the reason. The authorized signatures for MICHIGAN and COMPANY mentioned below signify their agreement to accept the terms of this Agreement.

I do not even think it is worth reminding the parties that a treaty is binding. If someone does not know the effects of signing a contract, they should not be fired near a business contract. During the registration process, you will receive an e-mail with information about the continuation of your application. You must access and open this email to demonstrate your ability to receive and maintain electronic records with the email address you provided. Better Future Forward, Inc., its related companies, including the Better Future Forward Opportunity ISA (CP1) fund, LLC, Better Future Forward Opportunity ISA Fund (CH1), LLC and Better Future Forward Manager LLC and/or any natural or legal person acting on behalf of or in the management of your agreement for the aforementioned companies (together „we“, or „we“, „us“ or „BFF“), are required to provide you with certain written disclosures, documents and information related to your transactions with BFF. . . .

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