Travel Agency Main Agreement

The parties agree not to transfer or sell this agreement without the prior written consent of the party requesting such measures. Exclusions. Confidential information does not contain information or material or its components, as long as such information or items or items have been disclosed in advance or have been disclosed, unless they are generally disclosed by a breach of the travel agency`s ticketing contract or by a similar confidentiality or confidentiality agreement; (b) the receiving party was properly aware prior to the disclosure or catch-up of the public party, as evidenced by written recordings made in connection with the ordinary activity or evidence of actual use by the receiving party; (c) has been or will be received legally by the receiving party by a third party (except the public party) without restriction or disclosure and without a breach of a public service confidentiality obligation; or (d) was developed independently of the receiving party, without having access to the confidential information of the revealing party. It is presumed that the confidential information held by a receiving party is not in the exceptions b), c or (d) mentioned above, and the onus is on the receiving party to prove otherwise through records and documents. Travel agencies offer a brokerage service between the traveller (customer) and tourism service providers (such as airlines, bus companies, railways and cruise lines, accommodation companies such as hotels and tour operators). The company provides travel-related services and accommodations, including the following services: The travel agency should maintain in good condition all the equipment and real estate included in this travel agency contract. Processing confidential information. Each party recognizes the importance of the other party`s confidential information. In particular, each party acknowledges and agrees that the confidential information provided by the other party is essential to its respective business and that neither party would enter into the ticketing contract for the travel agency without guaranteeing that such information and its value is protected in accordance with this provision. Accordingly, each party agrees: (a) the receiving party will strictly keep confidential information it receives and will use and authorize the use of confidential information for the sole purpose of the travel agency`s ticketing contract.

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