Bcit Collective Agreement Fsa

The ASL conducted two interviews with its faculty members, without regular teaching contact, on alternatives to the term „non-teacher“ used throughout the collective agreement. The change in terminology must allow these members to recognize what they do and not on the basis of what they do not do. Although they have been referred to as „non-teachers“ in the collective agreement, teaching is part of their job for many of them, although they do not normally have a regular weekly schedule. The involvement that they are a little less than other faculties has also had a practical impact. You are the only group of regular employees under the FSA contract without having access to any form of short-term development leave. Contractual agreements between BCIT and the FSA are included in a collective agreement and a series of agreements called „Memoranda of Agreements“, also known as the Memags Collective Agreement or CA Memags. On May 27, 2020, your bargaining team reached a preliminary agreement with BCIT. In accordance with the negotiated procedure, this provisional agreement was submitted to the FSA members for ratification. The negotiating team recommended voting „yes“ to ratify the agreement. The vote took place from 3 to 8 June 2020 and on 8 June we announced that the agreement had been ratified by the FSA. The process of preparing the latest version of the collective agreement for pressure has been painfully slow. Despite the long period between collective agreements, the employer refused to make most of the requested changes to budget management as part of the proofing process. When the new collective agreement is finally published, it will therefore still contain inconsistent use of terms, ambiguous references and other minor issues that we hoped would be resolved.

In March, we proposed that the employer correct only three errors in the collective agreement before the pressure. We have not heard of it. We intend to conclude the pressure of the 2010-14 agreement at the beginning of negotiations for its extension. In this case, printed copies of the current agreement will be available before the summer. In the meantime, we refer to the 2007/10 collective agreement and the 2010/14 transaction contract. In recent years, the FSA has taken steps to change our past practices with respect to memoranda of understanding, including by concluding fewer agreements. Another aspect of this new approach is to publish more CA Memags on our site than has been the case until now. At BCIT`s request and as required by certain agreements, the ASL will seek BCIT`s approval for the publication of CA Memags, which have never been published before. We also plan to publish CA Memags with comments so that their terms are useful for members. If you have any questions regarding any of these CA Memags, please contact the ASL.

The first bargaining meeting for the renewal of the 2010-14 ASL Collective Agreement was held on May 29, 2014 and several more dates are scheduled for June. At the January General Assembly, ASL members ratified the broad outlines of a set of proposals on justice. A summary of the proposals will be available again after they are presented to management….

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