Bulk Water Supply Agreement Philippines

Supply of treated bulk to the entire province of Bulacan, through its water districts, in accordance with MOA, signed in July 2012 between the MWSS and the province of Bulacan Operator, with the right to grant the agreement to the lenders – otherwise without prior authorization – agency to pay the mass water tariff. The tariff should consist of two components, namely: (1) Fixed Payments – This is based on the capacity made available to the Agency. (2) Variable Payments – This is based on the actual amount of treated water that the company has delivered to the Agency. Since the construction of the Ipo Dam and angat Dam, Bulacan Province has been the backbone of Metro Manila`s water supply system. But even with the extension of the system, Bulacan was not considered one of the beneficiaries of the Angat water system, despite the province`s cries after its admission. The project aims to provide treated water to aquatic areas in Bulacan Province through the construction, operation and maintenance of facilities for the capture, processing and production of recycled bulk. .

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