Venmo Card User Agreement

You accept that, except to the extent that federal law is inconsistent or contrary to federal law and is not otherwise specified in this user agreement, the laws of the State of New York, regardless of the principles of the law conflict law, this use agreement and all claims or disputes that have arisen or may arise between you and PayPal regarding your use of Venmo services. , govern the laws of the State of New York. If we cancel a payment because the card issuer or the original bank refused or cancelled the transaction, you may be liable for the payment, even if you do not agree with the card issuer`s decision or the original bank to refuse or cancel the payment. If you feel that a payment initiated by your Venmo account has not been authorized, you should notify us immediately, even if you (or anyone else) are challenging the transaction with the card issuer or the original bank. Please read below under the title Report an unauthorized transaction for information on how to contact us. If you do not report the unauthorized activity directly to us, we may ask you for the amount of the cancelled payment as described above. „Frankly, it`s a pretty repressive agreement,“ Kim said. This user agreement is a contract between you and PayPal, Inc. regarding the use of your Venmo account and Venmo services. They must be in the United States and have a U.S.

bank account to be able to use Venmo`s services. These users were told by the company that they had violated the app`s use agreement, which prohibits dozens of activities, including having more than one account, paying for items purchased from sites like Craigslist and letting your Venmo account go into the red. Transactions made with the card are financed exclusively by your Venmo account account. To ensure that your Venmo account is sufficient to cover the purchase transactions you make with the card, Venmo can offer you the option to automatically add credits to your Venmo account („reloading“) by transferring funds from your linked financing source (your reloading method) when the charging function is enabled and your available Venmo account is less than the final amount of the purchase. We receive the final amount of the purchase (and initiate a reload if necessary) as soon as the dealer has registered the purchase, which is usually within 1-5 business days after the first receipt of your card, but this can take up to 30 calendar days. If you don`t have enough credits in your Venmo account at that time to cover your purchase and the top-ups were activated when you lost your card, we`ll transfer money from your reloading method.

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